Emergency Board Meeting

July 22, 2020.

Zoom Meeting hosted by Judy delRosario.

In attendance: Katherine Keith, Judy delRosario, Dot Sieradzki, Bev Melvin, Holly Gavin, Wendy Spittle, Wendy Thomas, Lee Bolten, Jackie McDiarmid, Susie Kinder, Gillian Palumbo, Pat Fenton, Pam Spencer.

President Katherine Keith called this emergency meeting to deal with the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Governor’s guidelines for reopening society.

Per Gov Baker, Massachusetts is in Phase 3: indoor meetings are restricted to 8 people per 1,000 square feet and no more than 25 at any one time. It is also not advisable for groups our size to have a buffet or eat together. Phase 4 will require a vaccine.

Susie moves that we cancel club meetings for Sept, Oct and Nov. Pat F. seconds. As long as the state is in Phase 3 it is not practical to hold a club meeting.  The motion was approved.

Discussion: Katherine has spoken with Nancy, the First Parish Church secretary. The Church will hold our 3rd Tuesday club meeting time until further notice. When we can resume meeting, we can discuss the cost.

Bev moves that the annual meeting for 2019-2020 also be cancelled. Pat F seconds. The annual meeting committee is in contact with Angelica’s (Middleton). They are holding our $300 deposit, perhaps for May of 2021. The motion was approved.

Fall donations: Judy states that the club has 3 years of operating funds from which donations are made. Therefore, there is no need to fund raise. Katherine proposes that we continue to make our scheduled donations to: 1. Fulfill our role as a service club, 2. We can afford it and 3. The organizations we contribute to need the support.

Judy recommends that we hold off our contributions to Parks and Rec (for Music in Masconomo) and to the Town Halloween Party as it is doubtful that these events will take place this year. Open Door is a regular donation of $200. Holly informs us that Beverly Bootstraps does not include Manchester residents in food support. Pat F moves that we add Accord Food Pantry to a regular $200 donation and drop Beverly Bootstraps. The motion was approved.

Judy will keep our regular monthly schedule to send checks to Fund to Prevent Homelessness (now Good Friday Walk) Friends of Manchester COA, VNA North Shore, Open Door, Wellspring House, Fourth of July Committee, and Accord Food Pantry. She will monitor this fall’s Halloween Party and next summer’s Music in Masconomo Park.

Addendum: At the time of the meeting the check to Parks and Rec had not been cashed. Judy later learned that the check was cashed after the decision to hold Music in Masconomo was made.

Special Gifts:  The scholarship account will have approximately $3,000 for 2021. We will need the Special Gifts committee to send out a fall letter to raise funds for our usual $5000 award.

Friendship Tree/Christmas Program: Pat F has left a message with Jack Ingram (Bartlett Trees) to leave up the lights until it’s time to put up new lights in December. No one knows when the town common project will be finished and the fence removed.  Pat is leaving it up to Jack’s (Bartlett Trees) discretion. Under Phase 3 an indoor Christmas program and serving hot cocoa is doubtful. Pam Spencer has some ideas, including playing recorded music with the tree lighting. Pam has been in contact with the church and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Decorating the fountain and supplying wreaths for the church will still take place. The club has over $10,000 in the Friendship Tree account so fund raising is not necessary this year including Buy-a-Bulb.

Susie moves and Lee seconds that we do not conduct a Buy-a-Bulb fundraiser this year. The vote is unanimous with only one against.

Further discussion on holding board meetings this fall. Do we need a board meeting to discuss the Christmas program? Or should Pam hold committee meetings with the Friendship Tree/Christmas program committees then inform the board via Katherine as to their decisions? The latter proposal is adopted. There will be no board meetings this fall unless Katherine calls an emergency meeting.

A printed Yearbook is also on hold until meetings resume.

Further discussion:  We have a new publicity chair, Joanne Donnelly. The board notes the importance of keeping in communication with our members. Monthly newsletters will go out with news of donations, Christmas program, illness updates, etc. Susie will email the members. Joanne will write something for the public. Directors will call those without emails. Dot will update the webpage (manchesterwomansclub.org/) and FaceBook.

Other Business: Pam has contacted town hall re installing a bench in honor of the Woman’s Club annual lighting of the Friendship Tree. The board asks her to continue gathering information.

Call to adjourn at 2:08pm

Respectfully submitted by temporary recording secretary
Dot Sieradzki


June Board Meeting

There will be a Zoom Board meeting on Monday, June 15, log on at 12:30pm to iron out the bumps, for a 1pm. The new Executive Board is:


PRESIDENT:    Katherine Keith

VICE – PRESIDENTS: Maryanne (Lee) Bolten, Valerie McAskill



TREASURER:  Judy delRosario

ASSISTANT TREASURER:  Jacqueline McDiarmid


Holly Gavin
Elizabeth Kinder

Beverly Melvin


Pat Fenton
Lauren Gudonis
Wendy Spittle


Wendy Thomas
Clara O’ Malley
Eileen Morsett

AUDITOR: Elizabeth Kinder

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dorothy Sieradzki


Dorothy Sieradzki
Phyllis Martin
Jo Ann Lavigne


Susan Mirak, 2020-2021
Eileen Morsett, 2019-2020
Ann Henriksen, 2019-2020



April Showers wrap-up

Umbrella Image
Woman’s Club members, you are the best! A huge THANK YOU for making the Manchester Woman’s Club April Shower of Prizes fundraiser one of our most successful events. Also thank you to all who donated prizes and congratulations to all our winners. In these uncertain times, it’s great to know that the Manchester Woman’s Club is active and thriving in our communities for the good of those communities. Stay well and stay safe until we can all be together again.

Dot Sieradzki, Eileen Morsett, Katherine Keith, and the Ways & Means Committee


  WEEK 1  
1 Sheila McCarthy $125
2 Eleanor Hatcher Christine Gauthier-Kelley Scarf
3 Ann Henriksen Crosby’s $50
4 Kenneth Smith $50
5 Dotty Ryan $50
  WEEK 2  
6 Judy delRosario MAC Bag
7 Karen Myers $60
8 Deirdre McDiarmid Ryan & Wood Surprise
9 Elaine Conway $50
10 Phyllis Martin $25 (Joan McDonald)
11 Chris Kinney Chapman’s Floral Surprise
12 Patty Brennan Market Basket $50
  WEEK 3  
13 Mildred Singleton $60
14 Susie Kinder Spa Day
15 Sonne Bialy Frank Restaurant
16 Ginny Germond Jessica’s Hair Salon
17 Emerald Jakes $50
18 Kristen Smith-Page Cala’s $80
19 JoAnn Lavigne Capt Dusty’s $20
  WEEK 4  
20 Polly McGahan 5 Car Washes
21 Sheila Carrassi NSMT Tickets
22 Bev Melvin $50
23 Marcia De Felice Spa Day
24 Anne Coccoluto African Bag
25 Joan Brennan $60
26 Gloria Landy Wreath
  WEEK 5  
27 Bonnie Benincasa $50
28 Peter Gavin Dooney & Bourke Bag + DVD
29 Sally Curry Helen’s Bottle Shop $100
30 Georgia Pepper $100